The Nonsemble


First – let me say… We Love L.A. based Bassist and Bandleader, Billy Mohler. Aside from being one of our own, musically [Billy has his hands and foot in virtually every genre of music available… from Pop-Rock to Country and beyond] Billy is also an incredibly outgoing, hard-working and open-minded Father, Family Man and… and Label Head – for his own MAKE RECORDS. Also based in L.A.

When he shot us a hotlink to his recently mix/mastered, soon to be released LP, FOCUS – we were more than ready! He’d promised we would be one of the first to check it out and, without, push, prompt, pomp or silly circumstance… He then saw to it that his word was made material! Now THAT’S a Cool Cat!


Running this record down as the lead of a quick quartet [Nate Wood on Drums, Saxophonist, Chris Speed – Shane Endsley on Trumpet and Mr. Mohler at the Baseline with the Bass Lines], Billy jokes[?] that this album “Took 4 hours to make, but 5 months to mix, master and get artwork] for. 


To which we would say, ‘Well worth it. Well-played and Well-Done’. The resulting album, coming in at a slim-trim and effective 8 songs – is just. plain. niceness!


Look to hear more for sure – from us and from all around the ether – as Mohler and MAKE Records are working on the pressings and shows to back this one up and get it out to the rest of us post-haste!


For now… Rest Assured. This is a good’n. 


Personal Fave Tracks [So Far – First few forays]


“PRAIRIE FLOWER” – One of Billy’s trademark intricate Basslines is accompanied and/or accosted by Nate Woods and his frenetic kinetics on Drums as the horns ride so smoothly across the top that you can hardly hear the hustle!

“VAN’S JAM” – Since hearing the preview teased online I have been waiting for this one. Definitely worth the wait [for me]. This would make a great hood emblem on the Billy Mohler mobile as he drives his point through!

“EVEN TIDE” – Opening with an upright bass solo, the track directly rolls into a post-modern mellow version of the band-leader’s somewhat singular, signature sound… and intricate bassline with just the right mix of dark and lovely to get me in up to HERE! Love it…


“VISIBLE LIGHT” – This track – one of my very top picks on this early aural tour – is a sleek journey into what I would call ‘Post-Mod-Con’ [Post-Modern / Contemporary] “Spiritual Jazz in The Present Tense”. I super-duper love this track and will be sharing it with my couple-few insta-fam followers, just as soon as I get the green light lit! 


Oh – and THERE WILL BE SHOWS!!! [Watch this space and many others!]


Listen. Check for this one. It should be out soon and I do believe many of you will really get into it! We of THE NONSEMBLE certainly are and shall be!February 7, 2019