The Nonsemble

“MAGE” – The latest effort out of contemporary Producer / Composer, Greg Foat. 

:: This time around – sans “group” for this ‘Solo’ label debut – Mr. Foat has clearly set out to continue building a convincingly solid bridge back to other great eras of Jazz. around the world The full-length delivers in spades with a taste for the history the now and the next!



“OF MY HANDS” – The opener features Trinidadian songstress, Kathy Garcia appearing here to recreate the magic she originally showed to shine when she first recorded the tune – 45 years ago. A track that we could hide asEaster Egg in the midst of an Ennio Morricone movie, this one is a lush and truly lovely intro into this time and genre-bounding project.

“DRIFTING” – An almost psychedelic-folkloric Jazz lullaby which may easily leave any well-worn listener wondering aloud at the end of the tune, “… by the way – which one’s Pink?”.

“THE MAGIC RADISH” – Downtempo contemporary Dinner Jazz for your rooftop salon or soirée. Dueling Saxophones – No – intermingled Woodwinds – frolic together through the midway and you can imagine any of the many myriad film scenes that this track might slip under and into.

“THE HIGH PRIESTESS” – Post Bop for a new age in ‘New Age’. The slap and tickle here could easily have been recording on the opening night of Ronnie Scott’s legendary hot-spot. Great playing and track-laying abound, leaving us with the distinct, ‘Live Room Recording’ feel that we get through the old Blue Note sessions. 

“THE MAGE” – Our title track is the perfect tune to roll credits on, since it almost sounds like a 2019 and 1969 standing on the smoke-filled stage of a retro-modern hash house!