The Nonsemble

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Photo by: Camille Stemmons

Photo by: Camille Stemmons

Jimetta Rose is yet another dear friend of the extended member of THE NONSEMBLE family. After hearing about her from friends in and around town to seeing her out and about in L.A.’s very busy urban underground, it was one night at one of the earlier iterations of Mark de Clive-Lowe’s CHURCH that we finally got a chance to see and hear our laughing smiling and always shining sista ‘Metta ROSE actually sing…

At the time, Mark had moved his live electronic beats meet Soul/Jazz improvisation mainstay from its original home [at ANGEL’S in Santa Monica] to the new home – at The Del Monte Speakeasy, in nearby Venice. We’d seen and traded a few smiles, words and chuckles with Jimetta and mutual friends – then… Mark got on the mic to call her to the stage in the middle of a banging set.

My oh my. The pretty and the power put together is what made Jimetta Rose and her singing so precious and potent, from the very first listen – especially live!

In the years since, Jimetta and several of THE NONSEMBLE core have all become pretty good friends, both on and off stage.

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We of THE NONSEMBLE are all very heavy supporters of the Artists and scene[s] in the places we dwell… so – when and where there is an opportunity to see and show support for someone here in Venice – or anywhere else in and around Los Angeles Proper – the few of our crew that live here in L.A. are almost sure to be seen and on the scene.

Back in SEP.2018, we got word that there would be a JIMETTA ROSE show at The Freehand Hotel, where our friends from Grupo los Guapos have been programming a deluxe Jazz-related weekly residency called, “Destination Out”. We were ALL IN!

People that know and love Jimetta and her music are always at the ready to hear her. The promise of brand new tunes mixed with old favorites with a live band of her building and with Ms. Jimetta Rose at front-and-center had us super-excited!

A few of us showed up to Jimetta’s show a bit early – as one does. We got a chance to see and say hey to Jimetta, just a hug, not wanting to throw her off before her show.

When she and her band went on, we – and the rest of the small crowd – were rewarded for our wait with a full set of originals and Jimetta’s stylized spin on a handful of a few of her favorite classics… and ours. I will add to this one…