The Nonsemble


Soprano sax, vibes, percussion, guitar and bass collide creating a soul that can’t be tamed mirroring a future of musical multiculturalism that transcends our personal boundaries and connects us end to end.  

In a hole in the bottom of the earth near the sea sits a little Speakeasy that has played host to some of the most prolific musicians of our time. Curated by Carlos Nino, a musical fixture and futuristic percussionist, one of LA’s own. Our relationship with the venue and the man are solid and we regularly host events there. So, our request for the night was granted and we carefully orchestrated the dance of preparing for a last minute added tour date for Hailey Niswanger.

Recommended to us by another living LA legend, Todd Simon of Ethio Cali, Hailey’s team reached out and the rest was left on the stage. Never having heard them we started with the obvious research, YouTube and came across Breathe, it took our breath away, and we quickly moved from being just interested to being damn excited.

 The stunning visuals speak so clearly to the culture of this unique band. MAE.SUN possesses a little of everyone, and while I’m sure it’s not consciously though out, the fact that it isn’t makes the band even more special. Forget all that, they are also incredibly talented and creative. Their style breathes organic Jazz and may even be on the cusp of defining a new sub-genre.

 We go to a lot of shows, a few each week, and although they are mostly really good, very few have us on our feet dancing. (We LOVE dancing) Hailey has such a vibrant energy and emotes a pure soul with genuine intentions and that magnetism draws in the crowd and we are all in it with her, intentionally.

 The vibes are played by ???? and she hits hard. The entire ensemble is itself phenomenal. They do what many bands can’t do, bend genres into Jazz so seamlessly that you don’t realize it even happened until it’s done. The show was fire.

 It’s been many months since we produced that show and then Hailey let on that she was moving to Los Angeles. We have been looking forward to the coast shift and she finally arrived. We caught up with her and Jade at the Sage Bistro in Culver City, California, and had the opportunity to sit down for a chat.