The Nonsemble



In this episode, DJ ADE + J.VAN.S :: THE NONSEMBLE SELECTORS COLLECTIVE get behind the digi-decks to debut “GET INTUIT”. Our series of Jazz, Not-Jazz and Jazz-related tunes from all across the calendar-clocks and around the globe of the world. Out on the ether on our very own W/K-NON we want to share with you the Artists, sounds and scenes we’ve come across in our travels and digi-diggin’.

More than a mere events and information portal [Oh, we’ve got your news, reviews, interviews, information and event calendars] is a creative curator. We ONLY share the best that’s there. Jazz, Not-Jazz, Jazz-Tronica and/or Jazz-Related… These are our focus and this is y/our filter. Everything you see, read and – most importantly – everything you HEAR HERE is top-quality. Guaranteed.

While THE NONSEMBLE is originally based in Venice, CA – Our family intends to blend a world-wide vibe… Jason “JASS” Sugars and Kali Malikah hold down the home-town, covering Venice, Hollywood and the Los Angeles massive! Further North, The 2% Jazz will keep us up on things in the Bay Area [San Francisco, Oakland, et al]. M.DEATHWISH [aka Martin Gohary] faces the front on the East Coast. A very busy brother, Martin plays, records, teaches, learns and attends a whole lot of events between his hometown in Boston, Mass and his new home in New York, NY… all for y/our great fortune and pleasure! DAZ-I-KUE is our man in the American South. While he works and plays between homes and studios in the hub – Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee – one of the music capitals of the world… DAZ is also trans-continental and will be holding us down in London, with the help of his long-time fam, over at JAZZ RE:FRESHED!

All this to say… Cut with Us – You Know We Got It!